Sunday, January 31, 2010

Overweight owners own overweight dogs

I found this article in the Australian newspaper this weekend.

Strange but true

THE adage that dogs look like their owners is true, at least when it comes to being overweight. Researchers weighed dogs and cats and their owners at a veterinary clinic. There was a strong link between the dogs' weight and the body mass indexes of their owners: fat dogs were more likely to have large owners. In contrast, the cats' weights weren't related to their owners', the study in Public Health Nutrition showed. Does this reflect cats' independence?

Public Health Nutr


(Nijland M, et al)

This finding does not suprise me much at all. There is so much more need to control dogs eating and exercise habits. Dog owners can much more easily control how much food they give out and how much walking they do. In contrast it is very diifiuclt to exercise a cat or even refuse a demanding cat food. In saying this vets also need tobe very sensitive when talking about overweight dogs

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

another busy day at work in the life of a vet

I knew it was going to be another busy day when I arrived to find 3 patients waiting for me. The first patient was a dog already in heart failure now drinking excessively, I took bloods and sure enough it had elevated urea and creatine, most likey renal failure but the owner was keen to start treatment , so we placed the little dog on fluids. that was only the beginging of the day, we had to euthanasie a dog that was a long term client, we had treated the dog for everything from cushing, diabetes, vestibular syndrome, arthritis and many other condtions. it always especially sad when you know the dog. we had a 4 week old kitten suffering from neurological signs, apperently they had taken it to a pet shop and they had placed a spot flea treatment onto a small kitten, the next day the kitten was showing neurological signs. unfortunealty the the people had no money to treat the kitten at all, euthanaisa was the only option they where heart broken. I have noticed there is no warning to not treat very young kittens, just advice not to. Next we had two puppies with vomiting and diarrohea, one tested positive for parvo and the other negative, the puppies where 6 months old and never vaccinated, also full of fleas. again after much discussion they euthanasised the sick puppy and took the other one home, again much tears and angusih. ahh the life of a vet!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aussie, our cat's birthday today

Our Cat Aussie turned 9 years old today, well it was exactly 9 years ago that we found a little kitten near the milk factory after the Australia Day celebrations at Southbank. Aussie has certainly used up several of his lives, being bitten by a snake, hit by a car, and has been in several nasty cat fights. So it is great to be able to celebrate his birthday today. We gave Aussie a tin of smoke tuna and plenty of attention. I hope we have many more birthdays with Aussie.

Home from Holidays,

We came home to find that one of our gold fish had died, well I thought he looked like he was going to die many years ago as he had a tumour hanging out of his head. But I think it was cleaning the fish tank well just before we left that might have been too much. We bought these fish when Patrick was born, almost 6 years ago. Jim our house sitter did a great job looking after our pets, he put the Goldfish in the freezer. So when we arrived home we had a little funeral for the fish and we buried him in the front garden along with other fish. All our other pets look well, in fact Rainbow our Labrador appears very fat. No more treats for Rainbow. I think it was a very good thing having a pet sitter as they did not have to go into kennels

Monday, January 18, 2010

trying a house sitter for holidays

Well we are going away again, camping at Ammoor, near Gympie and we must leave the pets behind again. This time we are trying a house sitter, my Brother in law knows this man and he looked after his dog well. So we are trying Jim out. We have written up detailed instructions to look after the dogs and cat and gold fish. I hate to leave the pets behind, but options for taking them with us are limited. I was looking on the Internet and I found several large business behind pet sitting such as I think it would be a great option when I am retired and would like to go travelling. Well I hope we a have good holiday and the pets are well looked after at home.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cockatoo dies under anesathetic

I had several operations today, including a large fat dog spey that had just had puppies. But the operation that was most on my mind was a wing amputation of a wild cockatoo. The client wanted to rehabilitate the bird, but it was very emaciated. The operation was going well and we had just about finished when the bird stopped breathing. I was very upset as I knew the client had great hopes to rehabilitate the bird. They where heart broken when I told them the bird had died. I think ringing owners to tell them their pet has died under anesthetic is one of the most difficult parts of being a vet.