Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ruff Ruff escapes again- amazing recovery

Today, about 12.00pm I noticed a storm clouds rolling across the sky, and the first thing I thought of was how Ruff Ruff would be coping. I know how she hates thunder storms. Later in the afternoon the vet nurses told me Rebecca had rung to say that Ruff Ruff was missing. Rebecca had come home to see if Ruff Ruff was okay, but she found that Ruff Ruff was already gone. Rebecca went looking for Ruff Ruff but Ruff ruff could not be found. About 4.00pm I recieved a phone call from BCC to say that someone had found Ruff Ruff in Wood ridge about 20km away! That sounded incredible, how could Ruff Ruff gone so Far. They gave me a ladies number to ring. She said that she had found Ruff Ruff running around outside her unit and had no idea how Ruff Ruff would have got there. But then we got talking and found that she had been working at a house across the street from where we live. Looking closey at Ruff Ruff there was several grease mark and some skin abrasions. Ruff Ruff was defineatly not inside the car as this lady drove home. so the only reasonable conclusion we can see is that Ruff Ruff Climbed under the bonnet of this car to escape the thunderstorm and stayed there as this lady drove over 20km home. We are very lucky to have Ruff Ruff back alive.